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Metodo Classico Caneva da Nani Big

Our actual tradition has always been “el vin col fondo”, a white wine which is fermented in bottle obtained from the 100% Glera grapes, (once called Prosecco). After the harvest the fermentation of the wort always used to leave during the winter a sugar residue that once bottled, thanks to the warm temperature of the Spring season, awakened its natural yeasts saturating the perlage. This has always been our key product.

After the harvest 2010 we decided to transform this tradition that has always been the history of wine: that’s how the 100% Glera classic method was born. To define it only as “a wine without yeast is somewhat penalizing. After the fermentation of the worts which lie in stainless steel vats we are ready to select the basics of a wine that lasts over the years; it is left to rest in the noble lees and after a centrifugation the wine is bottled in the month of May.


Con il Prosecco di Giovanni la tua anima non avrà più inganni, la tua gola non avrà più arsura e i  brutti pensieri voleranno via

Metodo Classico Caneva da Nani
The re-fermentation is always done in a horizontal bottle position. After a while the bottles are shaken so that the autolysed yeasts favour those substances that lead to an evolutive organoleptic development of the wine. Finally the riddling phase allows to convey the lees in the neck of the bottle. We are then ready for disgorging, the topping up is strictly zero dosage with the same natural wine by not covering the originality of the product and the land.

2 months refinement and it is now ready to be tasted!

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